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2021 Lone Robin

Hello, Lone Robins!

Welcome to the 2021 Lone Robin Quilt Challenge!

The Lone Robin challenge is a bit like a mystery quilt. Each month Julia McLeod, the creator of Lone Robin, issued instructions - the guidelines for what element to add to your quilt. If you do this challenge month by month, you won’t know what’s coming next, and you will be adding to whatever you made in the previous month. Some quilters may make each month’s element and add them together month by month.  Other quilters might wait until they know what all the elements are before making a quilt all in one go.  It’s up to you how you want to stretch yourself. Do what interests you and gets your creative juices flowing.

Remember, each round can be as large or as small as you like. Go for a traditional medallion or just make a panel to attach to whatever you’ve made so far. The challenge of this exercise is to respond to what you’ve already made. And to do this knowing you have no idea what comes next. Even if you’re making a traditional-looking quilt, this is really an adventure in improvisation. Have fun! 

There is just one rule:

Each month’s work must connect with the last. Whatever you create in month two must - in some way - attach to what you made in month one. What you sew in month three must touch whatever you pieced in month two, etc. Sashing between the elements is permissible. Clear?

Keep sewing, Lone Robins!

Contact Claire with your questions or comments: EBHQ Workshops@gmail.com


To share your progress during the monthly Meetup, get details here...  

Members share your photos of your Lone Robin by uploading to the EBHQ Member Forum, the Lone Robin Gallery page, or on Instagram #ebhqlonerobinquilt. Or, if you’d like your quilt top to be a surprise, you might want to hold off sharing until the big reveal in September. It’s up to you.

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What's Next

September is "Submit Your Entry" month.

October 14 Meetup is the big reveal.

All participants who submit their photos by October 1 to EBHQ.meetup@gmail.com will be eligible to win a fat quarter bundle. 

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