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Chunk of the Month

March began with a new mystery quilt activity designed by Julia McLeod, who brought us our two Lone Robin activities. Each month Julia will provide a new PowerPoint of the Chunk, which will be revealed at Quilters Gather. Participants will sew four or eight Chunks each month, then set aside those Chunks for future assembly.

At the end of six months, the quilter will have 44 Chunks, which will create a 48” square quilt. Julia will provide yardage requirements and measurements for each Chunk. She will suggest a variety of settings for the Chunks. No two quilts will look the same!

Total yardage needed for the 48" square quilt: 2 yards dark fabric, 1.5 yards light fabric.  Or you can use scraps.

No need to register to participate. When a new Chunk is introduced, the previous Chunk samples and patterns will be posted at the bottom of this page so you can join in anytime and catch up. The current month's description is on the right.

How to Share your work:

Upload your photo to the Chunk of the Month Member Gallery or to the Member Forum

To have your piece presented during Quilters Gather, email your photo(s) to  EBHQuilters.Gather@gmail.com  at least 3 days prior to the upcoming Quilters Gather. Include your full name, dimensions of your piece(s), a title if any, and a brief description of your process. Alternatively, you can hold it up during the session. Virtual Quilters Gather happens on Zoom the second Thursday evening of every month at 7 PM.

Show it at a Saturday Clubhouse Zoom by holding it up to the camera or doing a screen share.

Questions contact EBHQ.Web.Supp@gmail.com

This Month's Chunk


see instructions below for more samples

This Month's Instructions

Claire's Improv Sample


Contact us at EBHQ.Web.Supp@gmail.com

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